Seriously.  I've been reading what you are writing.  Some of you should be so proud.  You bring life and light with your words.  You bring hope and healing through your stories and ideas.

You fill our eyes with wonder, our minds are challenged by your strategy, you show us how to connect with others, how to change the world.

But some of  you…

Do the opposite of all that..not always, but I'm just sayin.  I've seen some stuff. 

I won't link to the nasty comments I saw, or the mean-spiritedness of  status updates.  Nah, that would be no fun for anyone.

I just have a few things to say:

  • Be careful what you type-both on your blog or where you leave comments on other people's sites.
  • Remember that with the Internet, your words are instant, global, and permanent
  • Just think about what you're going to write for a second.
  • Do you want your grandchildren in 39 years reading some nastiness that you left on someone's blog , Twitter, or Facebook because your' re mad at some church for the color of their carpet or something?
  • Just think.
  • That is all.

2 thoughts on “Permanent

  1. Lucy says:

    Indeed – ‘think before you speak’ now needs to encompass ‘think before you type’. So important to be careful and considerate with our words.

  2. DisneyCyndi says:

    There are sometimes I think about things that get under my skin that I read on blogs and such and part of me wants to respond or write back. Then I think…nope, I’ll just be doing the same thing I am mad at them about. I count to ten (sonetimes twenty) and move on.

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