On Earth As It Is In Heaven

It has been interesting to me to field different responses from people who have heard about our family trip to India.  What has surprised me the most has been two opposite and very strong reactions.  The first group of people disagrees or doesn’t want to be bothered, I’m not really sure of their reason, but I have lost between 20-30 Twitter/Facebook friends since I began posting about our trip to India.  It is so  curious to me why someone wouldn’t want to be my friend because I’m talking about India, taking my family to India, etc.  Very interesting indeed.

The other group that has surprised my socks off is the group of you who have been praying for us.  We started a Facebook group to send updates about our trip live as we were able.  I thought maybe my Mom and Dad would sign up, and if we were lucky, maybe some other close friends and family.  I was completely blown away as I watched the numbers jump by 30 or 40 a day.  I think right now the number is in the middle 400’s or so.

My wonderful, amazing, spectacular friend Caryn faithfully updated the group page and sent out prayer requests to the GCC Prayer team when I could not.  Can I just say she is amazing?  What a great friend.

If you are one of those who signed up to pray, or just prayed for us without being official, leave me a comment so others can see and be encouraged. 

I could never thank you enough.  One of the roughest times on our trip was when Isabelle got a sudden and terrible ear infection after our flight from Chennai to Trichy.  She howled in pain for hours, woke up in excruciating pain and a terrible fever.  Our friend/translator Annan Raj picked me and the girls up to go meet Rob, but we never got there because she was screaming and crying so pathetically that we decided to find a doctor right away.  Doctor’s offices are much different than in the United States.  Isabelle was not only in pain, but was terrified.  In moments like these, I am able to keep calm only by knowing that God is with me.  I literally felt His presence and peace carrying me as I was carrying Isabelle.

The night we got off of the plane in Trichy after she had been in such terrible pain, Belle said to me, “Mom, there was an angel in my room at home.”  I wasn’t sure what to think, so I just asked her a few questions.  She said she was dreaming and and angel came and sang for her.  She said the angel sang in a beautiful voice and then talked to her for a while.  I asked her what the angel said to her and she said, “You know Mom, On Earth As It Is In Heaven….”

My jaw dropped.  God spoke to Belle (and the rest of us) about “Brining Up There Down Here.”  Those words and your prayers gave me courage for the journey.  Thank you for your extraordinary commitment to pray for our family while we were “Bringing Up There Down Here” in India this month.Maddie-India2 003

6 thoughts on “On Earth As It Is In Heaven

  1. Tina says:

    I am so glad that your whole family made it home safely! It was truly inspiring to read your updates and to see what amazing work you, Rob, the girls, the team, and God did in India. I am sorry that people chose to unfriend/unfollow you because of your trip to India but I am glad that many more joined in prayer and support for you all. I hope you have a blessed week and are able to reset your internal clocks quickly! Take care and I hope we are all able to welcome you back next weekend at GCC.

  2. Charity says:

    I very much admire your courage and determination to take your girls with you on this trip. Stephen and I have experienced foreign missions, not 3rd world mind you… but to even consider taking our children is honestly beyond the scope of reality for me… maybe because we have a 15 month old… but seriously, thank you for posting on your trip… it gave me something to ponder for the future… also, glad you all touched down safe… enjoy your week of rest… hopefully.

  3. Amy Storms says:

    Michelle, my husband and I talked about your trip so many times while you were gone, and prayed for you often! What a life-changing, defining moment for your girls. You taught them faith and courage and service and love. And for all of us reading along, you taught us faith and courage and service and love…:) I’ve never met you, but I was sure proud of you, and I was inspired to make opportunities to teach those lessons to my kids, too.

  4. Amy Darnell says:

    I wish that I were eloquent with words to convey to you what your trip and blogging about it has meant to me. I felt privleged to be able to pray for you and your family. You did bring ‘up there, down here’ for so many. The words that you and Rob would write, the pictures you would share are beyond words. All I can do is thank you for allowing all of us to be apart of your journey. You are all a truly inspiring family and I feel blessed to be able to serve in a church where you are leaders. God bless you all and I am so happy that you are back safe and sound in your own home. I hope that everyone is feeling well and that you will recover from jetlag quickly.

  5. Rindy Walton says:

    Prayed for you, talked about you, shared your stories–my guys and I have been so inspired by your trip and all you’re doing to reach people…and to teach your kids. You’re living out your faith in incredible ways!! Thanks!!

  6. Phil W. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this past month with us. I prayed for you, Rob, and especially the girls, often.
    This past weekend in the Heir Force room we talked about how we worship God when we serve Him. I talked about your family and used your girls as an example to the kids that they can’t “check out” of that responsibility just because they are kids.
    May God continue to bless, and thank you again for sharing.

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