On the Home Front

In the past few years that I have had children, I have had some very interesting conversations with other Moms about why I stay home with my kids.  Here are some observations they have made about my life:

  • Staying home is a luxury. 
  • Some people have to work all day.
  • You can watch my kids for free for weeks on end because you are at home with yours anyway.
  • If you stay home all day, why don’t you home-school your kids?
  • You can watch my sick kid while I go to work, can’t you?
  • You must have oodles of time to yourself.

I wouldn’t agree that any of these are good ideas (or right), but here are some reasons why I chose, and continue to choose, to stay at home with my kids.

  • When they are sick, I get to take care of them.
  • I get to be the first one to look them in the eyes as they get off the bus and ask them about their day.
  • I get to learn about interesting things like Hagfish when I get to do homework with them.
  • I am re-learning long division.
  • I have endless company.
  • I get to pick what they watch on TV
  • I get to be a mentor and role model for my kids friends who don’t have such good relationships with their parents.

I’ve found that staying home with my kids is a pretty sweet gig.  I’m really glad I get to.


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3 thoughts on “On the Home Front

  1. Amy W says:

    me too…what a blessing to be a “stay at home” mom… :o) I enjoy your blog!

  2. Dan Clark says:

    Michelle, I started reading your posts and have continued as it is clear that writing well is one for your gifts. I was pleased to see this post addressing an issue that many women miss. Your children will remember and always will cherish the time you are spending with them. This is a priceless gift that only a mother can give to her children. It is so sad that women have bought into all the lies that the culture spreads against staying home. Before having children my wife had bought into those lies. A relationship with the Lord and the birth if our daughter changed her. Now that she is with the Lord, our daughter has those memories of her Mom loving her like no one else could. Keep telling them others how much it means!

  3. Judy Gregory says:

    Oh my gosh … Madeline is looking more and more like a middle schooler … can that be?

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