One Bad, Two Greats

Apparently, swimming with trying to keep your hand out of the water is a very difficult task.  In all the playing in the waves yesterday, somehow, Isabelle twisted or sprained her ankle.  It started hurting when we got home from the beach, and she could not even walk on it by the time she got to bed.  She literally fell out of bed this morning because her ankle hurt so bad.  She could not take one step on it.

That’s the one bad.

Here’s the two Greats:

We got to go to Disney World today….FREE!  I am almost ashamed to admit to it since we were just there in January, but when this opportunity came along, there was no way we could pass it up.  I am amazed at "God’s provision that we know not of" once again.

Next Great:

Because poor Belle could not put any weight at all on her foot, we got to the first aid station,  bandaged her up, then got the magical "handicap" sign for her stroller which escorted us to the front of the line of any ride we wanted to go on pretty much.  With both her hand and her foot bandaged up, she received much attention and pitiful looks from strangers.  Can you imagine how much the big sisters LOVED their little sister today?  She is their hero!

By the way, why in the world do people pay to go to Disney World on  Spring Break?  It was more crowded and crazy than I have ever seen it.  If it weren’t for the Magical Handicap sticker, we wouldn’t have been able to get on hardly any rides! 

God worked this all out for His good.  By the end of the day today, Belle was putting some weight on her ankle and walking around a bit.  We’re all sunburned despite the SPF 70 sunscreen, but it was a tremendous day.

3 thoughts on “One Bad, Two Greats

  1. Jeanna Miller says:

    Poor Belle!
    I have to admit though when I was reading your post all I could think about was how you were going to get to cut all the lines – and what do ya know, you did get to 🙂

  2. Don says:

    love it! What great memories you are making!

  3. I’m so sorry that Belle got hurt (again). Thank God that He turns our bads into goods. Glad you’re all having a good time and getting this time of refreshing.

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