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Our girls are now 10, 8, and 5.  Along with the drama that is a part of our daily living and raising all girls, we are learning that each girl is uniquely wired.  Here are some observations we've made:

Maddie, our oldest child is our dimmer switch. We have several dimmer switches in our basement so we can choose the level of light we want. It takes her a while to warm up. She’s easy going, not too easily ruffled, Her energy level is pretty even, and gets gradually higher and lower.

Whitney is our on/off switch. Her energy level and emotions are either “on” or “off”. When she is on, she is high energy, highly emotive, She goes and goes and goes. But, she gets tired, or worn out,and she is “off.” Bed times have never been a struggle with her. She crashes because she gave everything she had all day long.

Isabelle is our “on switch” that is always “on”. We’re not quite sure there is such a thing, but her light never goes out. From the minute she wakes up in the morning till the minute her little body finally succumbs to sleep, she is on. She goes and goes and goes. She is high energy, high emotion, high drama all the time. I never knew such energy and passion were possible.

Each child is different. Each requires a different set of parenting skills on the part of Rob and I. What works in discipline or even conversation with one child most likely will not work with the next . Our girls keep us on our toes in more ways than one. We are grateful for their uniqueness, yet it is hard work!

What are your kids like?  Or, if you don't have kids, which are you?

· A Dimmer,

· On/Off


· Always on?

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2 thoughts on “The Switch

  1. Shane Sexton says:

    This is a good analogy! I have an on/off switch- my daughter Amanda, and an always on, my son Lenny. I know exactly what you mean by that one. Sometimes with Lenny it is just like “Would you give it a rest already?!” LOL

  2. Rindy Walton says:

    Great analogy! I’ve always said my youngest is like a lightswitch–when he’s on (awake), he doesn’t stop, then in an instant it’s like a switch and he is asleep (the only time he stops)! My oldest is definitely on/off and even prone to that “flash” before burnout. My middle son is so laid back and even tempered–like that dimmer switch–little up/little down, but always somewhere in the middle.

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