Rob’s Visit to our Indian Family

It’s official. Rob and the team are on their way to India as you are probably reading this. It takes almost 24 hours to travel to Southern India. Last year when Maddie and I were able to go along with Rob, we were both almost in tears by the time we got there because of the two boys seated directly behind us who kicked our seat and laughed and played noisily the entire flight while their mom slept soundly. Rob resorted to grabbing one of their tiny legs at one point and holding it tight till it quit kicking…for a while.

We love India. Our friends in Southern India are truly like family to us. You can read about the amazing work that God is doing via Tim, Rob, or, check out Gene’s nifty videos from a trip he went on.

Pray for the team if you think about it this week.

  • Safety Traveling
  • No illnesses
  • Quick adjustment to the killer 10.5 hour time difference
  • Pray for all the Mommies that are home with kids that REALLY miss their Daddies. (This is the hardest part for me, dealing with 3 very emotional little girls)

Check back this week as I report things as I hear them from Rob.

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