Outta here!

In the past 4 days,

  • I almost died getting my blood takensmile_omg
  • Isabelle fell through a glass table, we did the whole ER thingthumbs_upglued up her thumb.
  • I had to pack for a family of 5 for airplane vacation (you can only appreciate this if you are a mom or dad yourself)
  • Packing took 2 1/2 daysclock
  • Whitney had her 8th birthday…trying to help her feel “special” through all thiscake
  • We had a “mall/sleepover party”  with 6 squealing little girls last nightmoonsmile_party
  • I am tiredsmile_yawn
  • I am now going on vacation,island where I am sure absolutely nothing could go wrong.fingerscrossed

St. Petersburg (21) outta here!

One thought on “Outta here!

  1. Ruth Hunt says:

    Awesome! Hope you and your wonderful family have an enjoyable and relaxing time in sunny Florida!
    We are actually having a sunny day here too! Enjoy and God bless as you all build memories together!

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