Parent Coach

My good friend  Dr.Ron Craker has been working with children for years and years.  He’s a child psychologist that we met through an early intervention program called First Steps when Isabelle was struggling with various health issues the first 3 years of her life.  We’ve got a pretty solid family.  I’d like to think we’ve got it all together.  But…when unseen bumps in the road came along, we found ourselves a bit under- prepared in how to handle a family crisis with small children.  When Belle was going through her problems and we would take her to various doctors, Maddie would often say stuff to me like, "Did they cut her back open today?" or "I thought they were going to take her legs off."  Amazing how kids can interpret second hand discussions.  We really needed Ron’s help and guidance at that time.

Ron got us through and over that period through offering his tremendous insights and wisdom to us and our kids.  After Isabelle turned 3, and was no longer able to receive services from First Steps, we were so glad to have first of all kept Ron as a good friend, and second of all, glad to know that he was expanding his focus and opening his own business to help even more families.  There have been several times since then that we have been "stuck" about something to do with our kids, and Ron has offered his advice and insights to get us "unstuck".

Check out Ron’s blog.    Ron is a genius.  If you are a parent, or know a parent, you should check out his site often.

If you are a Mom, Ron and fellow Life-Coach Beth Madigan have put together a quick tool to help them evaluate how to better help moms.  It took me less than two minutes to take.  If you’ve got two minutes and you’re a mom, take the survey!

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