Jan 9 2018

#metoo part 2

img_7596I am Proud of Hollywood’s women for not being silent or listening to the voices of shame trying to silence the #metoo movement.

Being a woman myself, having three teenage girls, sexual harassment is something we have to discuss together on an almost daily basis. Not much makes me more sad as a mom than to have to help educate them and empower them not to be silent about unwanted behavior targeted toward them. I wish it just didn’t exist.

I mentioned in a previous post that churches and religious organizations are not exempt from sexual harassment. Being a part of various churches my entire 44 years of life, I’ve seen men harass women, women harass men, young people, older people…the demographics simply don’t matter. Sexual harassment is in every nook and cranny of our current society. Schools, work places, sidewalks, malls, grocery stores, malls, online….it is simply everywhere.

Some are shocked at hearing this, accusing women who have spoken up as causing drama, wanting attention, etc. Some are just simply not aware. This is why we have to tell our stories.

I am proud of the men in my life who have treated women with respect and dignity—for those men who have been that example of what a true gentleman is.

I am proud of the women in my life for speaking up for each other—For speaking their stories so others know it has to stop.

I want my girls to live in a world where they feel safe, not degraded, celebrated, not catcalled, where they are treated as fine china, not a paper plate.

Keep speaking up, telling your stories. Make this world a better place for yourself, and for #metoo.

Jan 5 2018

A 2018 Woman

What Will Women Do in 2018?

I’m hoping we embrace our own best selves, That we will recognize the dignity and beauty and strength of spirit in women around us.

That we…

Bless, them-don’t curse.

Heal them with our love, don’t hurt them with our words.

That we unite because of our differences instead of distancing ourselves because of them.

That we bring truth, erase falsehood, bring joy, celebrate gladness.

And that we will create beautiful things that flow out of the joyful spirit of God living in us.

Can you imagine? I can.

Jan 3 2018

2017 illuminated

  1. It was a hard year–Very hard. But looking back at these pics, I do see beauty in the Ordinary. God’s illuminating light and love shows up in the most interesting places. I am pretty happy about that.

Here are a few of my favorite illuminating moments from 2017. God is Good. 😊

Dec 18 2017

The Jesus Star

My favorite Christmas memory is sitting alone in the dimness my Grandmas impeccable living room, adult voices from the kitchen filling the safety of the shadows. The only light on my five year old face was the blue of the nativity set single lightbulb.

I sat for hours on end just staring, arranging, rearranging the Baby Jesus and friends, wondering about that Little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.

After Christmas at Grandmas, my brothers and I loaded in the back of the station wagon, me in the coveted rear facing back seat. Looking up at the frosty moon, I saw it. I knew I saw a twinkle of the Jesus star, the brightest one in the sky. I shouted “There it is! The Jesus Star!” hoping everyone else in our rumbling station wagon saw it too.

Apparently , I was the only one with eyes to see, or so I thought.

I held the warmth of the Jesus Star in my little heart and it’s been there ever since. Jesus’ Christmas present to me.

What’s your warmest Christmas memory? I’d sincerely love to hear.

Dec 13 2017


A few days ago I posted about the #metoo movement on social media. I have had many, many people come to me saying other people are saying I was specifically implying Westside family church and members of its staff had sexually harassed me. I absolutely was not in any way implying such a thing, and am shocked and horrified.

My original statement read,

“The churches and church culture I have been a part of my whole life are not immune to sexual harassment. I found walls & fortresses protecting the institution, not its people, Insurmountable for women like me. #metoo‬.”

I followed up that statement with these words-

“So, the counter balance to my #metoo post—I wholeheartedly believe there are way more good guys than bad guys. Grateful to know more than a few.”

The purpose of my statement was to raise awareness that the issue of sexual harassment is inside the church walls, as well as outside, because people are people wherever you go. It’s human nature. It’s unacceptable behavior that needs to stop.

The facts of what happened to me, and again, I am an extremely private person and it is painful but necessary to share this information-

-Yes, I have experienced sexual harassment at Westside. It in no way involved any staff member. It was from a person repeatedly making verbal unwarranted and unwanted gross suggestions. He thought he was funny. I thought so for about 2 seconds the first time it happened, then not so much the second, third, forth…

Yes, my husband is aware. Rob and I have an extremely deep and close relationship. He is my soulmate, and at times feels like the other half of my soul. We have taken appropriate measures. We both agree no further action needs to be taken in regards to this individual

The last church I was a part of, yes, it happened there too. Not just to me, but many, many of my friends. Those stories are theirs to tell.

Sexual harassment is present in every facet of our shared humanity. Online porn fuels the fire and normalizes inappropriate behavior. It absolutely does not shock me when it happens, but it most certainly does sadden me.

Speak up. Men, women, transgender friends…SPEAK UP for yourselves. You matter. Your story matters. You are beautiful and loved and good and noble and true. You are God the Father’s best idea. You are his Beloved child.

You are not alone. Never, ever. #metoo.

Oct 23 2017

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer among the Sunflowers


All was dark, 

then a sliver of light, 

then all things golden, 

and fully alive

Golden light in buckets 

Pouring down from heaven

Healing rain. 

Healing rain

Of light 

And joy