Pain like the Rain

A few weeks ago I decided to “go public” about the issue of pain.  Some people were shocked at this disclosure, but believe me, You get to see parts of my life on this here blog, but….there are parts of me that you won’t be reading about on my blog….Like about when Maddie and I were shopping the other day and I picked up a box of Pepsi Max (lots of caffeine, plus ginseng to make you smart) and she said, Mom, you should buy those and drink one every morning before you wake us up so you are not so grumpy.” 

Ok, so I shared that, but that was kind of funny.  Mostly, I shared about dealing with physical pain because I know that so many people do but never really say anything because they are AFRAID that other Christians will come over to their house and cast demons out of them, or secretly “lay hands” on them in passing, or worse, put their name along with all the gory details of their illness on the prayer web without  permission. Or, most likely, people are afraid of sharing about this stuff because it makes them appear weak or vulnerable. 

Pain is part of being human.  When we travel in India, I am reminded of how good we have it here in America.  About every 3rd person you see in India has something physically apparent and wrong with them.  Here, if we see some one like that, we cringe and think them “unclean”.

Pain has taught  me a lot about myself, a lot about Jesus, and a lot about life.  I look forward to sharing more on this topic soon.

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