j0398845 I live with a lot of pain.  Ouch.  That hurt me just to write.  I don’t talk publicly about pain for a reason.   I don’t talk about it because I know that 1/2 the general public will offer me all kinds of hopes and remedies and diagnosis from their own experience and expertise. It irritates me so much that I keep my mouth shut.

I know I shouldn’t eat sugar.  I know I should exercise more.  I know what natural remedies are out there and that the prescriptions I have to take could cause blindness, obesity, weight loss, hyperactivity, tiredness, dismemberment, and death. (a bit of sarcasm).   I know that Jesus is the Great Physician, and He can heal. I know, I know, I know.

So, I get tight-lipped and angry when people offer their solutions.

But, I do think I’ve been selfish.

I’ve learned a lot from pain that I think is worth sharing.

So I’m gonna.  I won’t like it if you send me your Grandma’s snake oil, but I will respect and admire your need for fixing others.  More tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Looking forward to this, Michelle.

  2. I guess I’ll toss out the snake oil.

  3. Dan Clark says:

    Your honesty about dealing with suggestions from others on a very personal issue (living w/pain) is surprisingly bold. I look forward to hearing your perspective, as I have known others who had to deal with this issue. Dan

  4. Dan
    Surprisingly Bold…I am hoping thats good? 🙂
    Id take your snake oil any day.

  5. Mike Maddex says:

    I want to read what you’ve learned. Though my pain is only what 85 year olds commonly endure, I still want to learn what’s “available”. God’s Grace to you, please. Grandpa Mike

  6. Oh No, Grandpa Mike. Now the pressure is on! 🙂
    I think Im up for it. We shall see.

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