Party on Purpose

Our house has always had an open door policy. It’s how I grew up in my Mom and Dad’s house, and how I want our house to be. We don’t have a pool or anything fancy, but we want our house to be the house kids feel comfortable and loved. If you want to use the term, we want our household to  be “Missional.” We want to show kids the love of Jesus here at home.

Miss Maddie asked us about a week ago if she could have a party to celebrate the last day of school. We agreed, stating that she could invite a “few” friends. Well, those “few” friends multiplied into about 30 or so.  Most parents dropping their kids off called us crazy (but left their kids with us anyway). Rob and I quickly reverted back to our youth ministry days and really did have a lot of fun with the kids.


Rob bought fireworks, we ate food, the kids ran around and had a silly, fun time.  It was a party accidentally on purpose.


3 thoughts on “Party on Purpose

  1. Those are the best kind of parties! Looks like everyone had a really great time!

  2. barefootlotus says:

    This looks like sooo much fun! You guys are great parents and your kids will never forget.

  3. Ruth says:

    A few to me is 3 but Maddie just multiplied it by 10! You and Rob are awesome parents and always seem to flow with the unexpected. I am sure your girls will continue the ‘open door’ policy when they begin their own families. You all rock!

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