Peace on Earth…(at our house anyway)

Rob is finally home, and everyone in our house is breathing a little easier.  No more sick kids… Maddie ended up getting Scarlet Fever this week…she is better, thank goodness, just in time for her Dad to get home!

When Rob is gone, I turn into "Militant Mommy"  "Get your shoes!  Get your coat!  No talking back!  Do your homework!"  I try to be kind and gentle as I can, but when it’s 7:05am, and the bus comes at 7:15am and their hair is not brushed, they don’t have their socks or homework, I turn into Militant Mommy.

We can all take a deep breath and enjoy our togetherness for a while now.  We’ve got a total of 4 Christmas programs to attend next week, 2 happening on the same night at different schools.  How all this is going to happen, I don’t know, but I’m glad we can all figure it out together!

One thought on “Peace on Earth…(at our house anyway)

  1. Jim Henry says:

    That’s me (only as a Daddy) – Christine usually has to get to work before I need to be at the church, so I’m the one who get’s the kids rolling in the morning…It’s basically a fine tuned military operation. Wake up, get dressed, brush hair, eat breakfast, take medicine, get homework, get coats, catch the bus. If it doesn’t go smoothly…I basically freak out 🙂
    Glad Rob is back safely!

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