Pencils and Pinky Fingers

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Some people are good at counting.  Some people are good at writing.  Others dare to dream big dreams and color outside of the lines.  Isabelle paints our world with color and our hearts with joy.  She is energetic, clever, so, so funny…and I can’t go more than 45 minutes without pinching her cute little nose, or getting a kiss from her sweet little lips.

Belle is not the most brilliant of 6 year old scholars in the academic sense, but I would never wish that upon her(and I repeat…NEVER).  I said to her the other day while holding up my 10 fingers, “Isabelle, we are all good at so many things.  Numbers and letters are like my little pinky finger.  You are so amazing and good at these other 9 fingers, the little one doesn’t matter so much, does it?”  I asked her what the world would look like if there was no one like her who liked to draw and paint and make people smile, but everyone was only good at numbers and letters.  Her answer? “It would look gray, like a pencil.”  She’s so right.  It made me stop and thank God that we are all not brilliant scholars.  I shudder at the thought of a  pencil  gray world.

I am glad Belle and I had this conversation, since I am constantly focusing on my own itty-bitty-pinky finger full of weakness.

What are your 9 fingers strong at?  Do you focus on the itty-bitty pinky finger that represents your weakness, or the 9 other fingers that make your weakness look like a strength?

3 thoughts on “Pencils and Pinky Fingers

  1. What wonderful advice you gave to her! I’m going to remember that.
    Me? I can juggle, organize, make arrangements, write, teach, etc. But I cannot add two numbers together to save my life! Don’t even get me started about keeping a checkbook. Ugh.

  2. Shelly, You are lucky you can juggle AND write. I can just write, thats about it. 🙂

  3. Amy Walters says:

    what an amazing mother you are…looking at your kids for what God made them to be, instead of what man wants them to be…I love the joy you write about! 🙂
    My strengths….juggling 5 kids to a million different places, making sure appointments are made and kept, seeing the wit and humor in the most mundane tasks, loving my children for who God made them to be….

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