People are Strange, When you’re a Stranger

Pic0025 We took Maddie to the mall last night for a Mall Extravaganza Birthday Party.  Rob and I do not know where Maddie got her love for the mall, since we both detest shopping there, but that is what she really wanted to do for her birthday, so that’s what we did.

We had 5 excited little girls with us.  At one point we were crammed with 35 other customers into a store the size of my walk in closet, trying to keep track of all 5.  Isabelle, our 3 year old was with us, so every other sentence out of my mouth was, "Where’s Belle?…Anyone seen Isabelle?"  I had to follow a trail of things she had knocked off the shelves, then I found her.

Then it happened.  There was Rob locked in a conversation with an emotional woman.   I wasn’t surprised.  It happens all the time.  Someone sees their pastor, then feels the need to tell him the 100 things she/he has always wanted to say to him but never had the chance.   I was angered by the inappropriateness of the situation.  It’s our daughter’s 9th birthday party….Get a clue!  I thought to myself.

What even made me more mad was that when Rob introduced me to her, she simply said, "Oh." and looked away and stopped talking.

I was thinking about this last night as I was going to bed, and the song, People are Strange  by the Doors kept going through my head.  I got a good laugh, and went to bed.

But then this morning when I was thinking about it, I felt sorry for that woman.  I felt bad for her that her emotions were so close to the surface, that the first available "compassionate" person in her eyes bore the brunt of her emotions and problems. 

I’m learning to deal with people like this.  I just worry about my kids.  They think it’s normal for grown women to display this kind of emotion when they see their dad.  Is this going to be ok for them?  I hope they will learn compassion early , as I am learning it late!

3 thoughts on “People are Strange, When you’re a Stranger

  1. Seven says:

    you’ve got to be kidding me? oh my. strangers are indeed strange. you’re right to feel sorry for them, though … and a little perturbed,too! the girls are going to be fine … think of it like being in a foreign land doing missionary work. that’s how i have to think of the “mall.” love you.

  2. Ryan says:

    Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if Rob worked at a 100 member close knit church?

  3. mdwegner says:

    Yes, especially when stuff like that happens. 🙂

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