Whenever we go away as a family, I am amazed at how the "stuck togetheredness" amplifies personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. by a million-kazillion.  At home, we get in our routines, hide behind doors, and vices we have created.  Out here on vacation it’s no-man’s land.  Nowhere to hide.  Always together.  I’ve discovered little tidbits about my kids that I haven’t fully noticed until now.

Maddie, our oldest, is wandering into this pre-pre-teen phase that I really can’t get my head around.  She is such a smart, mature kid for her age.  She has always been that way, but I think she is really starting to feel the pull away from being a little kid into a more mature, serious kid that doesn’t like to get dirty or wet, but cares very much about hair and clothes.  She cares deeply for people and has an unbelieveable perception of God and his character and love. 

Whitney is full of life and passion.  I see her compassion for her little sister and it warms my heart and gives me amazing joy.  She is first to stand up for justice.  She is outraged beyond words when one is left out or behind.  I am surprised again to see how much she really does care for the lost and hurting.

Isabelle is always making us laugh.  Tonight at supper, she pointed to her  cake and said, "Thanks Mom for making these wonderful sausages."  Anything for a laugh.  I am amazed at her strength despite the odds that have been against her.  She has one of the strongest, most determined wills of anyone I have known.  This plays to her favor more than not, believe it or  not.

I am a huge vacation advocate.  I’d rather cut out spending on fancy clothes for myself, or expensive meals out so we can afford to do this every once in a while.  It’s worth the sacrifice on the other end to have this time as a family here and now.  Experience is everyting when it means drawing back from our vices and routines to walk hand in hand with my daugher down the beach and just talk.  More than that, to see our girls playing and laughing together is worth every penny for the time here and now.

We’re hitting the beach once more today.  Headed for home tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Amber Cox says:

    What a great post! I love the Wegner family and love getting to watch through this window (blog) as Maddie and Whit and Belle become the women God created them to be.
    Tell them I love them

  2. Kem Meyer says:

    This post made me cry… the way you described your girls was touching. It moved me. Great picture, too.

  3. Rindy Walton says:

    I love this–and agree so much! We are in Cincinnati right now (church plant stuff) and the exact thing is happening with my guys and it’s great. There is nothing better than being together, away from it all…

  4. Mark Beeson says:

    A future with no regrets is the consequence of faithful living today. The peace and joy you feel in these moments with Rob and the girls will increase. Count on it. You are a great woman, a great mom and a gift to Rob. Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring the rest of us. I’ll be a better husband and father today because I read your blog.

  5. Susan says:

    You have a beautiful family!!!! Your blog is something I look forward to reading.

  6. Jenny says:

    I agree, nothing is more important than time as a family. We can’t wait till our vacation! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it’s encouraging!

  7. Angel says:

    In 40 days I’ll be taking my first vacation in 8 years…my daughter has a wedding to shoot on St Augustine beach so I’ll be flying down to meet her after the wedding. It’s only for 4 days so we will spend them making the best memories possible! Thank you for the awesome reminder of what’s really important!

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