The world slowed down today.  Three separate incidents of unbelievable weight came crashing down on our heads all at once.  Our family is fine, some in our circle of friends are not fine.  When they hurt, we hurt.  Terribly.

My friend Rachel died in a car accident on Christmas Eve.  I feel strange calling her “My” friend, because she was everybody’s friend. 


She was a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit.  But she died, and her family and friends are still reeling in pain from her loss.  Her father, Gene wrote this in a note to Rob (used w/permission)

Hi Guys,

Mary and I, Jonny and his parents meet with the Cass county prosecutor tomorrow at 4:30. They have made their decision as to what happens from here as far as the law is concerned.

They will be telling us if they are going to be pressing criminal charges or whatever.. against the driver of the truck in Rachel’s accident.

This stirs up a lot of stuff in me.

There is talk of a civil lawsuit against him….I am concerned for all involved.

My prayers are for all of us to hold fast to God’s perspective. We are to forgive. Vengeance is not an option for us.

The law does what it does to serve the community. We really have nothing to do with that.

Money, on the other hand…. can make you nuts….

My desire for all of us is to be centered in God’s will and not to be dragged into a hurtful pursuit of any kind.

Please join with me in prayer for our whole family and the young man who was driving the truck and his family.





And then in a conversation about it with Rob:

Gene: I don’t want any buzz about me.

Rob:Gene, people need to see what following looks like.  You are showing us the way.

Gene: I’m praying fervently that this young man who killed my daughter will come to know the grace I’ve found in Jesus.  You know what I’m looking forward to?  When this young man and my daughter meet in Heaven.  I can already see the embrace, Rob.

That’s perspective.


Think I’ll quit worrying about

  • my dirty kitchen floor
  • my blog stats
  • my summer figure, or lack there of.

Love matters.  Family matters.  Jesus matters.

The photo of Rachel I posted I found on her Mom’s Facebook page.  In the months since she has died, it has brought perspective to my mind and order to my life.  I see her shining down from Heaven, knowing she is with Jesus, knowing she knows it’s all going to be ok.  That’s perspective.

4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Mary says:

    It’s funny how the reality of someone else’s pain puts our small stuff into perspective. One day I was tearful over my oldest and youngest sons struggles as they are both in the autistic spectrum. I found myself working in my flower beds as that settles my spirit. I notice my backyard neighbor pull up and being spring I realize I hadn’t seen her in months. I notice her eyes were red from crying and she told me her oldest son was on a waiting list for a four organ transplant and it was the 15th anniversary of the death of her mother. Suddenly my problems were so small and insiginificant. I had grown up with this neighbor and had fond memories of her parents and only imagine the loss of a parent and the illness of a child. My heart goes out to the Ort’s and to all the carry burdens with grace. I feel that most of us do, but it is in the presence of others that we recognize our own. I look at this picture of Rachel and believe it is no coincidence that the light radiates from her. She shines on for her family. Small consolation for those that miss her here on earth…

  2. DisneyCyndi says:

    Praying. Don’t know the situations, but I know God knows and he is in control.

  3. Mo says:

    I taught at CDA with Rachel and she had a spirit I hadn’t seen in anyone else. She was always happy. She was always cheerful. It was totally Jesus.

  4. Whitney says:

    His letter reminds of the book The Shack. Gene already knows the path of Jesus. Wow… powerful.

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