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In recent days, you may have seen a story about Craig Weisweaver in the local media. His son Brian and daughter-in-law Tammy attend GCC and also serve through Son City Kids in Monroe Circle. They invited their Dad Craig to start coming earlier this year. Brian said , “He started attending GCC earlier this year with my wife and I. He hadn't been to church in quite some time prior to attending GCC and believe it or not, he started hitting up all four services (back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday). He felt very comfortable at GCC and loved you guys.”   A couple months ago, Craig joined the Son City Kids team and started serving too.

Craig was visiting his daughter in Japan, when he suddenly fell ill from an unknown virus. He was at first treated at an Air Base in Japan, where his son-in-law is a Navy officer. However, his condition continued to worsen and he suffered kidney and intestinal failure. The air base facility, which is the equivalent of an urgent care center, is not equipped to treat Craig's condition and recommended a major hospital.

Craig does not have health insurance and is not eligible for Medicaid until 2010. In Japan, no hospital will treat him without payment up front. Craig’s condition is treatable if we can get him home to a specialist here in the US. The challenge of getting Craig home has become a nightmare. He’s too sick to take a commercial flight and a private Med-evac flight for costs upward of $150,000.

Brian and Tammy have been diligently working with both, the Cleveland clinic that has access to transport planes, as well as, US Rep Joe Donnelly who is reaching out to the Pentagon on his behalf. They are hoping, at a minimum, to get him moved to another base that has a standard hospital care.

Please pray for Craig, for his health, his healing, and his transportation home. Please pray for Brian and Tammy through this ordeal. As you can imagine, this is a logistical nightmare with their Dad’s life hanging in the balance.

Brian said , “I believe in the power of prayer. Please ask everyone to ask their network to pray.”

In addition, a fund has been set up at Lake City Bank where donations can be made for Craig’s flight home.

3 thoughts on “Pray Craig Home

  1. Jenny Maust says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing Michelle. I know Brian and Tammy and had no idea what they were going through. We are definitely praying for them.

  2. Mary Scheetz says:

    The power of prayer is amazing! Prayers are going out to them!

  3. Sam says:

    your prayer request touched us.
    We are praying for you.
    We found this site helpful Check it; maybe it gives you a relief.
    God bless you

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