Purpose Driven Network Summit Day One

To worship with Pastors and full time ministers is one of the most amazing things I ever experience.  You would think the room would be filled with confident, strong, head's up high men and women.  I find that to be true partly, but for the most part, I see brokenness.  I see men and women heads bowed before God in humility.  Simple men and women aware of who they are in Christ.  Broken, humble people who have been called.  People with an anointing from God.  I wonder where and when each one of these men and women were when God called them to full time ministry.

We sang "How Great Thou Art" this morning.  It caught me completely off guard.  This is my all-time favorite hymn.  It struck me to the core.  The voices around me were so beautiful, so perfectly perfect.  When I hear that hymn sung how it was this morning, I am immediately transported in my mind to my Grandma's church when I was small.  I hear her voice singing that song next to me, and I am deeply comforted. 

I am looking forward to hearing the speakers this week talk and strategize on how to bring God's Kingdom to the ends of the earth….More later!

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