Here is a random sampling of real questions my kids asked me today.  No wonder my brain hurts and I am so tired.

*What’s for breakfast?

*Can I eat an Oreo Cakester after breakfast?

*What is an armadillo?

*What is a participle?

*Is it ok if I kiss a boy if it is just on his back?

*Is it ok if I have a boyfriend if I am 6?

*What’s for lunch?

*Can I have another popsicle?

* Are Witches real?

*Can you teach me to read?

*How long does it take to get to India?

*Wanna meet my Monsters?

*What is 1/4 of 155.25?

*What’s for dinner?

*Can we eat out?

*Can I eat ice cream before bed?

*Do I HAVE to brush my teeth?

*How much is it till vacation?

*Can you shut my closet so the monsters don’t come out?

*What’s for breakfast tomorrow?

*Will the dolphins bite me?

*Will you PLEASE play with me?

When you’re growing up, you have fewer answers to the mysteries of life than the adults around you, so you ask a lot more questions.  The problem is that a child asks questions about things most adults normally can’t answer, so they learn early to stop asking them.  Like, “what are black holes?” or, “why can’t we stop death?” or, “where is Heaven?”  No wonder children stop asking questions.  After all, it makes a kind of good sense to let things that can’t be explained go by without being explained.  Better no answer at all sometimes than to go on propagating the wrong one.  As in, the world is flat.

~Joan Chittister The Liturgical Year p.49

I hope my girls keep asking questions, even when I don’t know the answers.  They keep my eyes alive with the wonder they see in the world.

3 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Mo Breden says:

    Oh I loved this post 🙂 Especially, the kissing the boy on the back one. haha.

  2. ha! that’s a fun post. I’d love to do that with my kids one day. Thanks for the idea. I’ll love it even more in 10 years 😉

  3. Melisa Johnson says:

    I so relate! Today’s sampling included: Do you know how Martin Luther King Jr changed the world? Doesn’t my ice cream look like mashed potatoes? Can you play house with me? What is butterscotch made from? What’s 11x a thousand? Can I have whip cream for a snack? and Would you eat only junk food 5x a day for 5 days for a million dollars? …Now I’m tired! 🙂

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