Rats as House Guests

Maddie volunteered to rat-sit for her class pets over spring break.  She told me this on  Thursday, the Friday before we had to go pick them up.  I honestly didn’t mind, because I remember being in 6th grade and bringing home a plethora of pets from our zoo of a classroom, including snakes and guinea pigs.

Here are some surprising things I have learned about our house guests Clementine, Petunia, and Beatrice.:

  • They love kids.  They get excited when they hear kids’ voices coming near to their cage
  • They will eat anything that comes near to their cage, including beaded lamp shades.
  • Rats are very self-sufficient.  I’m used to my toddler-like-dogs needing attention every minute of the day.  It’s nice to have pets that are independent minded.
  • They push and shove each other out of the way for their turn in line at the water bottle.  This is very funny.
  • If you insert a finger into the cage to pet them, they will bite you.
  • They are surprisingly affectionate.

All in all, I highly recommend rats as pets.  Really.  They are cute if you don’t look at their tales. 

oh rats 024

2 thoughts on “Rats as House Guests

  1. Rob says:

    I also learned how responsible Maddie is As a Rat Caretaker. She did great!

  2. Ryan says:

    Have you noticed any problems with the age differences between your children? If you could choose to do it again would you space them more evenly, closer apart, farther apart, or does it just not matter?

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