Readers Choice Awards

Here are a few of your favorite posts from the year based on a very complicated process of tallying comments, page views, Facebook comments and messages, and general vibes from you to me.


You must care a lot about Pastor’s wives.  You read these a lot.

Pastor’s Wife Q&A

Some Answers

The Criticism Question

The Friendship Question


You also care a lot about schools Going Green.  This series had huge page views .

The Only Thing Green about this post is the grass

and a very surprising outcome to that series.


You cared a lot about a sad story from my childhood


And you also cared a lot about a Dirty White Truck that was God’s voice to me in a very emotional time in my life.


My personal vote for scariest post goes to: My House is a Barbie Wasteland.


But, I have you figured out.  I know what you care about the most.  You care deeply for your floors.  You don’t want them to get dirty, ever.  You are passionate about your clean carpet. 

You care so much about vacuums that you left me about 50 comments on Facebook, 30 on my blog, and endless conversation and instant messages about your passion for vacuums.

Thank you for your input.  My floors are cleaner than they have ever been due to your diligence in doing your duty and voting for which vacuum the Wegner’s should get.

You people care way too much about vacuums.  You scare me with your passion for them.


Your input is important to me.  You are important to me.  Seriously.  I want to hear more from you, get to know you better in 2009.  Speak up!  Who knows, you may get to select the next appliance for the Wegner household!

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  1. I’m still holding a grudge because you didn’t pick MY vacuum!

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