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I discovered these novellas by Francine Rivers last week at the library.  I have flown through 3 of them already.  They are amazing!  I am normally NOT a fan of "Christian Fiction" but when I stumble across something as well-written and meaningful as these books, I get giddy!  There are 2 series’ that I have picked up.  They are two separate series, one called, "The Lineage of Grace," about the women in the lineage of Christ that faced remarkable odds but  carried on his line by being bold, daring, and faithful.  So far, I have read about Tamar, Ruth, and Bathsheba.  There are 5 total in that series .   I just started the "Sons of Encouragement" series, which follows the stories of 5 hero’s of the Bible that sought to serve God faithfully.   As soon as my girls are old enough to read these, I am making them required reading.  I think they give a huge insight into what God did for us through these remarkable stories.

I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to delve deeper into the lives of the characters we know so little about in the Bible.   

3 thoughts on “Really Cool Reads

  1. Lisa says:

    Her novel Redeeming Love is amazing also!

  2. Amber Cox says:

    Michelle! I can’t wait to read those! I am working through “The Mark of the Lion” series right now and it is INCREDIBLE! You should read it!
    I’ll be home for Easter – I can’t wait to see you!

  3. Ruth Hunt says:

    Thanks for sharing these books. I always love to hear reviews from books that others are reading or have read. Recently I found a wesite that one can posts books that they read/are reading/or want to read. It is I got so excited about that site that I haven’t stopped reading since and my ‘to read’ list is getting longer! Now I will need to add the 2 you mentioned!

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