Redeeming Grandma

After the crazy story yesterday, I felt I needed to share another story I had written about her a while back.  She really was an amazing woman…really!

A Turkey Platter and a Bible

My Grandma was not a wealthy woman.  She lived in small homes her whole life and had only a few "precious" belongings.  I was her one and only Granddaughter.  Grandma had a few items marked out for me that she wanted me to get when she died.  As she got older, it became sort of a morbid obsession for her.  She would say to me, "Now when I go, you make sure you get this Turkey platter."  And "When I go, you make sure I am buried in this pink dress and not the blue one.  I know they will want to bury me in the blue one, but I look terrible in blue. I would just laugh and roll my eyes at her.


She said she was telling me this, because as soon as someone in her retirement home died, all the old ladies would go in and clean out the apartment.  By clean out, I mean wipe out.  They'd take blankets, pillows, anything they could get their hands on. 


One time when I was visiting her I heard all this hammering.  I asked her what that was, and she said that Millie had died last night and Mable took the plate off of Millie's wall and was nailing it to her wall.  Pretty funny.


When my Grandma did die, there were not many possessions of hers that were desirable for anyone to get.  I did end up with the turkey platter., thank goodness.  What would I ever have done without the turkey platter?


Another thing I got as my inheritance was my Grandmother's catechism book from  when she was a young girl. My Dad actually gave it to me the day of Grandma's funeral.   I opened up the front cover, and their was written in old ink  the scripture that read, "He that is faithful to the point of death will receive the crown of life."  It was a note from  her pastor when she was 12 years old.  My Grandma did stay faithful to Jesus, and to her family her whole life.  That Bible is a token that will help me remember the essence of my Grandma, more than the turkey platter at least.  I'm thankful for my inheritance.  Grateful for the legacy of faith that has been left to me. 

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