Resting in Generosity

In a few days, Rob and I will have the unbelievable privilege of heading out to Cabo, Mexico with the senior management team and spouses from GCC.  An unbelievably generous friend of Jason Millers is letting us stay at a home there free, as well as paying for our food while we are there. 

On top of this, we will be flying, of course, and another unbelievably generous individual paid for the whole team plus spouses to fly.  We were shocked at this generous gift, more grateful than words can say.

The girls will be in great hands here at home with Jessica, their favorite babysitter, and I’ve got a few friends as back-up just in case something happens.

Pray for us this coming week as we travel, have fun together, and as the SMT talks about and plans for the future of GCC.  Exciting times are ahead.  We are hoping and praying this time together will be a great time for focus and direction as well as rest and renewal.

One thought on “Resting in Generosity

  1. Deanna says:

    That is so awesome! Hope that it is an incredible, refreshing time for you and the team!

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