Rob, Me, and the Latrine

I am amazed and honored that i get to work on this book project with Rob and our team.  Sitting in the blazing sun, next to a make-shift latrine, covered in flies and sweat, I have never felt more in love or as one with Rob.  It’s funny how our hearts beat together for moments like that.  Interviewing heroes of modern day faith like Latha, Avbuanan, and Manju is one of the greatest honors either of us has ever had.

It’s no easy-breezy thing taking a family half way around the world to an unfamiliar setting with unfamiliar food and faces, but I think our whole family would agree that to tell the stories of these heroes for the world to hear absolutely has to be done, and we are all blessed beyond  belief to be a few of the ones to tell it. We are not the hero’s, they are.

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