Rusty Tools

I'm starting a new small group tomorrow.  It has been born out of a desperation I have been feeling to draw nearer to God.  I have seen many of my friends floundering in their faith for a while as well to be quite honest.  It's time to step it up, take off the masks, and look at one another and to our God and see what He has for us.  Where does He want us to grow?  What does He want us to quit?  What does He have to say to us about prayer?  Do I pray enough?  Do I even know how to pray?  How much am I reading the Bible? 

God has given us so many tools that go unused, like the unused lawn and garden stuff we hang on the walls in our garage during the winter.  He wants us to use the tools of the Spiritual Disciplines year-round.  I feel like I pull these tools out when it's convenient for me, or when I feel a nudge, or a twang of guilt.

Maybe your "garden tools" are clean.  Maybe you've been working with them already .  Maybe they aren't rusty like mine.  I'm taking mine out tomorrow, looking them over with some friends, and seeing what we can learn on how to use them together.

I welcome you to join me.  The blog I have started for this group is called Further up, Further in.  My favorite books ever are the Chronicles of Narnia books.  I have read and re-read them ever since I was in 2nd grade.  The final book entitled "The Last Battle" is about the end of the Narnian world.  As the world was crumbling around them, they had to march "further up, and further in" to the land Aslan called them to.  The land crumbling around them was dying, and yet they looked ahead and saw Aslan's land, the "real" Narnia.  Where everything in Narnia was like a paper copy of what they saw ahead of them. 

Further up, and Further in is how I want to live.  I want to live every day walking closer to Heaven, seeing new things with my eyes.  Raising my eyes up to what is real.  Seeing Heaven for what it is.  Seeing earth as the paper copy of Heaven.

This new blog will be a reflection of what God is doing in my life and yours, if you choose to participate.   Feel free to be a lurker, or to be fully engaged in conversation.  I have even opened up this blog to some "guest bloggers", so the conversation will be more than just my own boring self.  I look forward to seeing you there!

2 thoughts on “Rusty Tools

  1. Sarah Koutz says:

    Kristin invited me to join you tomorrow and I would LOVE to be there. However, I’m home with my family for a few days before camp next week and then I’ll be back at my parent’s helping with their Vacation Bible School. I’m sorry I’ll miss it.

  2. Kathy Guy says:

    I’m so grateful that you’re leading and influencing and bringing others along with you. Great! I’m excited to see how God will work through it! Love it!

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