Salem Preschool Open House

We went to Isabelle’s preschool open house on Sunday afternoon.  Whitney was very excited because she spent one year at Salem Preschool when she turned 4.  The teachers there are extremely experienced.  Some of them are Grandmas, and some have been teaching preschool 20+ years.  These ladies are some of my favorite people on the planet.   They have a true passion for preschool children and their families.  They love Jesus, and want the children to know how much Jesus loves them.

Whitney was so excited to see her old teachers that she actually brought her journal for the teachers to write in.  You can see one of the  notes here.Chrobot_letter_2  (If you click on it, you can read the words more clearly.)  The notes mean a lot to me as a Mom, but, what meant the most was the way Mrs. Chrobot pulled Whitney aside, looked her right in the eyes and asked her all kinds of engaging questions.  She said, "You look pretty much the same, but you still have the Whitney look"  What are you getting good at?  I remember you being very good at helping others and you were such a great leader for your friends."  Whitney was a very lively 3/4 year old.  Her old preschool made her sit in a time-out chair almost every single day because they did not know what to do with her energy.  Mrs. Chrobot immediately saw in Whitney a huge leadership gift, one of the strongest she’d ever seen in a kid that age.  She brought that out of Whitney, and literally turned her little life around.  The meeting with her on Sunday was a true gift for ME, one I will treasure forever.

  As parents, we spend every minute of every day trying to reinforce the giftedness we see in our children.  But, when an outsider like Mrs. Chrobot locks in on a gift like that and nurtures it, cultivates it, and helps it grow…there could be no greater gift.

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  1. Jeanna says:

    Salem Preschool holds a special place in my heart as well – I went there when I was 3 and 4. I too had Mrs. Chrobot as one of my teachers and years later she still remembered who I was. She’s an amazing woman and I’m so glad she is not only still there, but that she is still a great teacher.

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