His Light Shining Through My Flaws

The first session, Rick Warren talked all about "How to survive in ministry."  How to make it.  So many people who begin in ministry drop out due to moral failure, criticsm, and a host of other reasons.  He reminded us that "It's not about Me." It's about God building his Church through broken people.   God is most pleased with people who are in touch with their humility.   God doesn't want us to think of ourselves more highly than we ought to, but also, we need to know that we are valuable to Him.  God loves us when we are in full time ministry, and when we're not.  He loves us when we're doing his work in India, and he loves us when we are at home cleaning the toilets and folding socks..

God's love for us does not change based on what we do and what we don't do.  He loves to use people who are broken, and with flaws, because God gets the credit for the amazing things that happen through these people.  We are cracked pots letting the light of God shine through.

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