Sedona On My Mind

In a few weeks, Rob and I will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary.  We have been saving frequent flyer miles for literally years, and we have got a super fun trip planned to Sedona, Arizona.  I get all excited when I think about getting away to such an amazingly beautiful place ALONE!   

We might get to hike, eat out, smooch, ride ATV’s through the desert (I’m slightly nervous about that, I almost crashed a motorcycle once), and just hang out together.  I can not wait.

Rob and I stumbled across Sedona about 13 years ago when we were on a trip to Phoenix for a conference.  We had a free day, so we just started driving.  Imagine our surprise when we knew nothing of the amazing beauty of the place, and just happening upon it.  It literally took our breath away.

DSC09224  DSC09265

We took the girls there a few years ago, and  made the 2 hour drive up to the Grand Canyon.  This is what happened when I was changing Belle’s diaper in the car and Rob was taking a photo in another direction.  Whitney-Grand Canyon

Yep, that’s Whitney hanging over the Grand Canyon.  Maddie was the photographer.  Pretty much sums up my thoughts about raising 3 wonderfully spirited, creative little girls.


Glad we’re going alone this time.  I might get to breathe a little easier.

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  1. Mo says:

    that picture! oh my gosh. crazy kids! i’m pretty sure I would have had the whole family linked together on one of those long leashes for preschoolers.

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