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Share The WellWhen Rob and I first went to India in 2002, we were blown away by the "at home" feeling we got when we were there. We knew immediately that God wanted us to plant our feet there for awhile and build relationships.

That Christmas, Rob took me to Indy to see Andrew Petersen’s Behold the Lamb concert at this teeny tiny church. There could not have been more than 100 people there.  It was small, intimate, and filled our hearts to overflowing.

Caedmon’s Call was also there, and they played songs from the Share The Well album. While they were playing these amazing songs about their experience in India, we felt God’s anointing such a profound way.  Ever since that day, we have had such a deep heart connection with that album that is really unexplainable.  Our kids know and love all the songs along with us.

When Rob said that he wanted to name our book “Share the Well”, I knew down to my toes that it was perfect.  We  made numerous attempts to contact somebody, anybody from Caedmon’s Call to let them know we were using the title "Share the Well" just to be respectful of them.  We couldn’t really reach anyone because everyone in the band is sort of off working on their own projects now.

Sunday night I get this message from my best friend from high school: 

I’m sitting here with Randall Goodgame and we showed him your book. He would love to talk to you guys (he wrote the song share the well for Caedmon’s). Could you send me some phone numbers for you and Rob? I’ll pass the info on to him.

She then explained:

Randall stopped by with his kids just to hang out (they live 2 streets over) and it did not occur to me to show it to him (no idea he was connected to Caedmon’s). Russ walks by it while we were gathering his kids together and says, "Hey, have you seen this book Share the Well?" Randall takes it and looks it over and gets tears in his eyes. He just loves the people of India and was so excited about seeing the book.

Is God awesome or what?  There is no way we could have orchestrated those events.  So grateful for seeing God’s hand at work in all of this.  We are so grateful that the guy who wrote the song was blessed by seeing the people of India that he loves so much in a book with a title that means so much to him.

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  2. Sara says:

    That is AMAZING!!!

  3. skoutz says:

    That album is my favorite Caedmon’s Call album. Share the Well as been stuck in my head ever since you announced it would be the title of your book.

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