Sharing the Well with Poonatha and Ambilu

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This is Rob with Poohatha the first time we went to Kalavia to visit the small village in the Irula colony of Untouchables.  We didn’t find them untouchable at all.  It was love at first sight for us. 

When we first visited Kalavai, she seriously had a wild look about her. Her hair and clothes were a mess. She was muddy and dirty, but had an amazing smile.

Rob was dancing with a bunch of kids, and her eyes were wide as saucers. She didn’t really know what to do, so Rob grabbed her and started dancing around with her. All the kids laughed and laughed, and she was really embarrassed and shy, but was loving the attention.

Ever since that day she has had a special place in my heart. I told Rob the other day that there is something special about her. All of them are special, but I feel God’s hand is on her in a very special, powerful, and unique way.

   I was so happy when we finally decided on this picture for the front cover of our book.  Poonatha is on the left and her friend Ambilu on the right.

Book Cover

Our book is full of stories.  Stories of men and women who grew up in villages  like Poonatha and Ambilu, but whose childhoods were never happy.  Most of them were never really deeply loved by anyone.  Many of them were abused, neglected, and near death when Jesus reached His hand out to them, and they were forever changed by His love.

I am hoping when Poonatha and Ambilu grow up, they don’t have stories of sadness and despair to tell.  I hope they will always know they are deeply loved by Jesus, their families, and their funny looking friends from America.

Pray with us this month as our book release date comes closer and closer.  We really want this book to be an experience for people that will change them and deepen the love they have for Jesus and His people. 

We want to continue to provide hope and light for kids like Poonatha and Ambilu.  When people buy this book, every penny past the cost of publication will go right back to the church planters in India.

2 thoughts on “Sharing the Well with Poonatha and Ambilu

  1. Found this blog from a link on Facebook. My wife and I adopted a girl from India in 2008. India is incredible and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Looking forward to your book. God bless you and your family!

  2. Lisa Sandberg says:

    As I read about your experiences in India and with the lovely people that live there, I am always amazed and strengthened and compelled to live life better, more intentionally – to pray and to teach my kids about the needs around the world. Thank you.
    I’ve also wanted to share with you that my twin brother, Eric, and his family have followed the Lord’s call on their life and are serving Him in Nsoka, Swaziland. They left in September, but have been back in MI for the holidays and to raise money for going back for 2 more years. Their life story and current experiences so mesh with your stories. My sister in law, Jen’s blog is amazing as well. Check it out sometime –
    Blessings to your family in 2011, Michelle!

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