She Speaks…And I Want To Go!


There are very few conferences that I want to go to anymore.  Been there, done that.  A lot.  However, the She Speaks conference is one that makes my heart start beating fast and get my palms all sweaty when I start thinking about it and dreaming….This conference is for women like me, who want to improve their skills in speaking, writing, and leadership.  I couldn't think of a more perfect conference for me to attend. 

I hesitantly started  following Lysa TerKeurst blog about 6 months ago.  I say "hesitantly" because I wondered what kind of woman would use Proverbs 31 in the title of their ministry.  I have very bad word-brain associations with that chapter of the Bible. Very bad.  The whole waking up early before any one else and cooking, cleaning, sewing for the poor….made my head hurt.  But…over time, I saw who Lisa was, and saw that she was a normal wife and mom like me who loves God, and stands  resolute in her faith.  In other words, she took the pressure off of the whole "perfect wife, mom, and sewer of all garments" for me.  I was seriously impressed and relieved to find someone just a few steps ahead in life, paving the path for someone like me who just wants to be a faithful and obedient child of God, wife and mom. I have been impressed by not only Lisa, but she has chosen a team of women to surround her that are exemplary in their character as well as amazing speakers, ministry leaders, writers, and blogger's.

The last year and a half I have been writing on my own blog has really re-ignited my passion for writing and communicating once again.  As the baby/toddler phase of "Mommy-hood" has come to an end at my house, I find myself sitting at the computer and pouring out more that I have been able to in the past 10 years combined.  I feel like this is a new phase for not only me, but for our entire family as well.  Our girls are at the age where they can do "hands-on" ministry with us, and it is molding and shaping them into amazing little Proverbs 31 women.  I feel like my responsibility in all of the places we go and people we see is to be the writer/recorder.  I need to make the stories of the women and children we see in poverty here in Midwestern USA, as well as in  the third world come alive so that others will know, see, and be changed and motivated to be involved and help out as well.

I just need a boost.  I need a lift.  I need some serious skills.  I want to go to She Speaks very, very, very badly.  I am sure they would tell me there never to use the word very 3X in a sentence at this wonderful conference.  See how badly I need to go? 

Proverbs 31 Ministries is having a scholarship contest for the She Speaks conference.  The winner gets to go free.  Really, really, really hoping I win!  You can enter too.  The last day is tomorrow, Friday, March 27.  If I win, we can go together, if you win, you can pay my way!  I'll buy the coffee.  Wahoo!

4 thoughts on “She Speaks…And I Want To Go!

  1. Shelly W. says:

    I’m so glad to see you joined the contest, Michelle! I hope we BOTH end up there and can hang out together.

  2. Amber Cox says:

    Michelle, I’m pretty sure this is a blog I need to start reading…

  3. NO NO NO! I missed the deadline! OK, we all know that I have way too much to think about doing this summer to even consider this – but I am with you on this – when I read about this conference and about Lysa, my heart races! I think we found Lysa at about the same time.
    I SO HOPE you get to go!

  4. I am now at home in an empty house while my little ones are in school and have found this time to be so sweet-full of study and learning and FINALLY getting to write without screaming going on in the background!
    Wishing you luck in your ministry and praying for your dream to attend the conference. Best of luck to you!

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