Shoes For Lydia

Lydia's Shoes 004

Isabelle and I were at Sears the other day shopping for a winter coat for her suddenly taller and larger body.  Her Ariel coat was her favorite, but it wouldn’t zip up anymore since she is getting so big, so we headed to the mall to pick out a new one.  Isabelle isn’t the most focused of shoppers, (nor am I) and she saw these adorable pink baby shoes and picked them up.  She asked me if I could buy them for  her, but I assured her the size 0 baby shoes would not fit her big toe.  Right away she said, “Lets get them for baby Lydia!”

Lydia was born on January 5th 10 weeks early.  Her mommy Angela was very, very sick and they had to deliver Lydia via c-section to save Ang.  I’ve known Angela since she was about 8 or 9.  I remember her at my wedding carrying around my train, in princess Heaven.  Now she’s a mommy, and her baby needs lots of prayers.

As soon as Belle asked me to buy the shoes for Lydia, I knew we needed to.  Not just to keep her precious little feet warm, but as a reminder to pray that her little feet and body will be big and strong and healthy.  I can’t wait until Lydia can wear these cute pink shoes.  They’re hanging up in our kitchen as a reminder to pray for her when we thank God for our meals, and as we are walking about the kitchen throughout the day.


Luke 18:15  –  People brought babies to Jesus, hoping he might touch them.

Photo by Mark Beeson, Lydia’s Grandpa

6 thoughts on “Shoes For Lydia

  1. Tina says:

    I am continuing to pray for Lydia and her family… I hope soon you can give her the shoes as a homecoming present. Take care, Michelle.

  2. Mark Beeson says:

    When Rob told me you hung those shoes as a reminder to pray for Lydia, and that you plan to keep praying for her until she is old enough to wear those shoes, I about broke. So meaningful. So practical. So helpful. I’ve rarely been so moved by someone’s gesture of love. Thank you Michelle. And…please thank your girls too.

  3. Amber Cox says:

    This is so special and so beatifully meaningful. I love you Wegners!

  4. Lea Jensen says:

    You are so amazingly gifted with your words Michelle. Lydia and Angela have been in my thoughts and prayers as have the rest of her family. How can there not be massive hope when such beautiful shoes are to be worn. How can there not be massive hope when such love surrounds them. Amazing heart you have.

  5. Brenda Marquis says:

    Thanks for posting this. I also have been praying for Lydia but past few days I have been just mostly sleeping while my body fights the flu. So happy you have those baby shoes hanging in your kitchen to remind you to pray continually. Jesus told us to keep knocking on the door till we get what we need and we need this baby to grow strong and healthy. Love you and your tender hearted girls. Love that you share life stories and inspire others. I’m also still praying for Belle

  6. EdgarCabello says:

    This is close to our hearts too, Michelle. One of our leaders just had a baby 10-weeks early. Isaac was just 3.1 lbs but today, just one day past his due date, he is 8 lbs and doing quite well. Many prayers continue to push him through. Now Isaac has a little buddy in my prayers as Lydia is on our mind but more importantly on Jesus’ mind. Nice shoes.

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