Silver Lining?

I haven't written about it in a while, but I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It really stinks.  I hate it.  So far I have not seen the "silver lining" in the cloud, or the "sunshine through the storm."  Nope.  It just really  hurts and makes me really tired.  Anyway,one of the joys that comes along with this wonderful disease is the many medications that I have to take every day to keep it under control.  One medication costs $77 a month, another $33, and yet another $2.50.  That is a whopping total of $112.50 .  Yikes. 

Rob picked up one of the medications for me from CVS, and I took it at bed time like always.  The next morning I didn't see it in the medicine cabinet, so I started wondering why I hadn't put it back in it's regular spot.  I casually looked around for it, but by around 5pm, I was close to frantic.  I emptied the medicine cabinet 3 times, looked through the junk drawer, the refrigerator, pantry, etc.  Then came the dreaded, "looking through the trash"  I was convinced this is where it was.  Everything that gets lost in our house is usually found in the trash…go figure.

So, I dug my way through a rotten tomato, dryer lint, sticky papers and wet, disgusting paper towels with who knows what on them, all the way to the bottom of the trash.  No medicine.  My head literally started pounding, I'm not sure if it was from revulsion or worry, or a combination of both. 

Rob got home.  I told him about the missing $77 medicine.  He was very kind and didn't lecture me.  He took the trash outside and proceeded to do exactly as I had done.  No medicine.  We went to the girl's meet and greet at school, out to dinner, then back home.  Still no medicine.  I looked through the junk drawers, refrigerator and medicine cabinet one more time and ….oops.  There it was….on the shelf where I always keep it.  I had forgotten that they gave me the same medicine in a different bottle. 

So what can we learn from this?  Looks can be deceiving?  Live and let go?  When Life gives you lemons make Lemonade?  Hopefully there is something clever worth learning here.  Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Silver Lining?

  1. Rachel says:

    Can’t give you any advice about “silver linings.” But I noticed you buy your meds month by month–have you looked into getting them from a mail order pharmacy for 3 months at a time? Many insurance companies offer this option and you usually pay the same co-pay for a 3 month supply through the mail that you would for a one month supply from CVS. I know Wal-mart is even offering 3-month supplies for some of their meds for $10. I know it saves me a lot of money, as I take lots of meds for a chronic condition as well.

  2. Renee says:

    What I freak out and then chill out enough to see things clearly I know I am being told exactly that – to calm down in order to see things clearly. But that’s just me. I freak a lot. You are probably much calmer and relaxed than I am. You’ll know what the message is when you hear it. Good that you’re seeking wisdom out of this.

  3. I know where you’re coming from. I can always tell who the new pharmacy techs are that don’t know me because they’re always very apologetic when they tell me that I owe them over $800.00 for a month’s supply of various medications. Sometimes I have fun and act very mad/upset at the cost, but then just turn it off and smile whilst swiping my credit card. I have a fun time beating cashiers to the “Have a nice day” line they all have to give. It seems to throw some of them off their game if you say it first.

  4. You learned exactly how much trash you have? Or you would know if your girls tried to sneak something into the trash can? Or you got some exercise while frantically searching everything?
    I do this same thing sometimes – my upside is normally I find something else in my searching that I gave up for lost.

  5. mandy says:

    Maybe that we aren’t present in our daily lives. That can happen to me. We had a new neighbor move in a few months ago & I didn’t even notice until YOU told me.

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