On Mother’s Day we visited Amish Acres for lunch. If you aren’t from our area, there is an Amish community about 30 minutes from our house.  Amish Acres has a restaurant that serves fabulous food as well as a few acres of land which holds old Amish houses, a school house, barns, etc. The weather was so perfect that day. It was so nice to walk around in the sun and explore these old places.  The thing that struck me about each building was the simplicity.  I know that’s the whole idea of being Amish, but the idea hadn’t really made it’s way from my head to my heart until we walked around awhile.

I think the reason it really hit me is because simplicity is somthing God has been trying to help me understand in the past few weeks.  I’m learning to cut the clutter from my life.  Clutter, meaning the needless “extras” which weigh me down, sucking life and energy away from what really matters.

I wrote a few posts back about how I pulled the plug on Facebook for a few weeks.  Since then, I’ve turned it back on *mostly because poor Rob was getting bombarded by people who wanted to talk to me, but couldn’t*, but also because I missed seeing the updates of friends I really think about and care for deeply.  Since the “pulling the plug” week, I’ve dramatically reduced the time I’ve spent on Facebook.

Also, I’m trying to cut the clutter around our house. I’m throwing away or giving away things that aren’t necessary, but just extra. It’s amazing how we can get choked up by that kind of clutter, or feel the weight of it pressing in around us.

In my spiritual life, I’m trying to keep it simple too. I’m realizing that a lot of times God just wants me to “be still” in His presence. So often, I come to him rambling off my lists and fears without just being still.

In these last few weeks before the kids are home full time for the summer, I’m going to try to be quiet more, listen more, and draw strength from those times, which are so few and far between.

I hope you can enjoy the benefits of simplicity in your day as well. How do you do it? What works for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Meagan says:

    Sounds like we are on similar journeys. I read “Serve God, Save the Planet” a few months ago and that really got me to thinking about simplifying, removing excess and living more as God intended…with fewer distractions and less waste. Since then I’ve also started reading the blog It constantly inspires me to declutter and rethink the possessions and time wasters in my life that are only serving to distract me. We, too, visited Amish country this weekend, but our destination was Essenhaus. Driving through the country side, I was once again struck by the simplicity of it all. The fire to better prioritize and say “no” was lit once again. It reminded me to slow down and take the time to listen to God.

  2. Janis Ooms Spencer says:

    I am beginning to understand the benefits of simplifying things. I have been going through our home and selling or giving away many of the things that were here – there was so much – being as it was my parents’ home and was quite surprised that I don’t actually miss the things and how easily I let go of them. Also, how most people tend to keep things because they think that things are the important key to remembering someone – I discovered they are not. What I am choosing to keep is the memories of the people – not their things. Our home feels much lighter – and so do I. I will continue to “declutter” and “simplify” my life in the days and weeks to come and placing more emphasis on what’s really important!!!!

  3. Renee says:

    simplicity is a struggle, for sure, and one that is difficult to implement. for me it seems i have to keep going back to it because i keep saying ‘yes’ to stuff & events & other life whatnots. then sometimes you just have to pull the plug and take a break. i pulled the plug on facebook this week and it has been one of the best things i have done for myself in a looooooooong time. but i do miss hearing from my friends. the Amish have something with simplicity. in the end i guess it all comes down to balance & moderation.

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