Sleep is Highly Over-Rated

In the past 10 years that I have been a parent, I have learned a hard, difficult lesson.  Sleep is highly necessary, but highly over-rated.  When other normal people are sleeping, I have learned to do all kinds of useful things during the long nights of nursing, changing pukey sheets, calming nightmares, etc.

The worst part of the girls waking me up for one of a million reasons is that I can never get myself back to sleep.   I lay with my head on my pillow for hours.  I try to decide if I should stay awake anyways because someone else might to wake me up any second, or I try to trick myself into falling asleep. 

Here are some survival tactics I have learned:

  1. Counting backwards starting around 398.  I almost never make it back to zero.
  2. Praying the A,B,C’s.  "God bless Adam, God, help Belle sleep, God, help me because I am going CRAZY! "
  3. Itemizing lists and categorizing bills in my brain is always helpful.
  4. Reciting familiar Scripture over and over.
  5. Telling the Bible to myself beginning at the Old Testament, and ending at the end of the New.  (I have never gotten there either, although it has been close)

These have been very helpful, and maybe even important life skills I have developed.  Sleep is highly over-rated indeed.

One thought on “Sleep is Highly Over-Rated

  1. LISA V says:

    I am a pretty good sleeper (and so are my girls, occasional nightmare aside), but I have a really hard time sleeping when Dan isn’t with me. Or if I am waiting for him to come home late at night. This sounds a little corny, but I pray and ask God to help me to see myself falling asleep in HIS arms, perfectly peaceful. It works!

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