Small Luxuries

We are all breathing a little easier as we are finally home.  My window is open and a gentle breeze is blowing on me as I am sipping my coffee and watching the Today Show.  It amazing to me how simple things like having my window open, drinking coffee and watching TV are considered serious luxuries in most of the world.  We couldn’t open our windows at the motels we were at because of the giant beehive of 5000 bees at one of the motels, but mostly because of mosquitoes that carry malaria pretty much everywhere else we went.  Not to mention the 105-110 degree weather mixed with humidity and never ending noise from auto rickshaws, motorcycles, and trucks beeping and honking all night long. 

With every trip I have ever taken like this, I am always amazed that my house looks visibly different to me when I get home.  I think the reason is because I notice everything, down to the last detail.  I notice how the carpet feels on my toes, how the water from the faucet tastes, how soft and cozy my pillows and blankets are…the list goes on and on.  I am currently in the “I love my house” part of trip recovery. 

One of the first things Whitney said when we got home in the middle of the night the other night was, “I never realized how much I had.  I never realized how big our house was, or how my own room is bigger than the homes of the people in the villages.”  I don’t get why we have so much and they so little.  I don’t get why my life is so easy and theirs is so hard. 

We are so fortunate and so blessed.  Blessed to have clean air to breathe and fresh water to drink.  I’m savoring these things today.  Remembering and processing so much.   

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