Snow Day

Rob has been gone all week long planning and praying with the other members of the Senior Management Team.  I’ve been home with the girls doing fractions, decimals, cursive s’s and I’s, writing spelling stories, wiping noses, doing dishes and laundry, babysitting, dogsitting, and still trying to be nice.

I needed air.  I needed a snow day.

When Maddie said her friends at school were all going to go home, flush snow down the toilet, wear their jammies inside-out, and sleep with a spoon under their pillows to get a snow day, I was all for it.

Apparently, it works!

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2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. skoutz says:

    I’ve forgotten what snow days are like. The schools I was recruiting at today had a third to a half of their students out. Made for a quiet day but driving all over wasn’t so fun.

  2. CatHatch says:

    We haven’t had a snow day in years – we did have a flood day the 3rd day of school in August, but that’s another story. We just don’t get much snow – but tonight’s forecast looks promising. Of course, a couple of inches mean a snow day here, but my son didn’t take any chances. He has the spoon under his pillow and his pajamas on inside out. We don’t have any snow yet, so he improvised – he spit in the toilet! I hope it works – we’ve had sleds for 4 years that still have the tags on them!

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