Some Things We’re Trying To Get Used To

  • Isabelle loves the road trips we have been taking in India.  She gets to walk around in the van, sit in the front seat, and there are no car seats or seatbelts.
  • Our car has been bumped by other vehicles 3 times so far.  No problem.  Everyone just keeps on their way.
  • The girls have all drank more pop than they have ever had in their entire lives combined.  They had Coke with their omelets this morning.  I ordered juice, they brought Coke.  Whatever.
  • Go heat up your oven just like you would to keep pizza warm.  then open it up and stand in it.  Close the oven door.  That’s how hot it is here.
  • You do not do any resting in the restrooms.  You get in and get out as fast as humanly possible, then go take a bath in hand sanitizer
  • I have mastered the art of tooth brushing via water-bottle. 
  • Indian people just say “yes, yes, yes” when they have no idea what you are talking about.
  • The British left India in 1942.  The architecture of many of the big cities looks like it did in 1942, only a few decades older. 

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