Son City Morning

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As a part  of our Advent preparation as a family, we spent the day Saturday serving the kids in Monroe Circle in downtown South Bend.  Our church runs a program called Son City Kids that meets at the community center we built called MC3. 

Isabelle spent the week beforehand collecting books from her book shelwinter 1413f to donate to the kids library used for after school tutoring.  This was completely her idea.  She said she wanted to pick books about God and Jesus and angels so the kids at MC3 would learn about God.    She was so excited to put the books on the shelf all by herself.

Whitney teamed up with a 5 year old boy named Randall for the morning.   She helped him get his snack, wash his face awinter 1404fter his messy cupcake, play games with him, then helped him make a very cool Christmas craft to take home.

Maddie helped me pass out cupcakes, pretzels, and yogurt.  She did a great job of keeping the snack table fully stocked and saying nice things to the kids who picked up their snacks.

Rob played a few Connect 4 tournaments with kids, got beat a fewwinter 1406 times, then had to clean up vomit from a kid that ate one too many cupcakes.  I think a few other volunteers were surprised to see their pastor cleaning up vomit.  I was proud of him, and glad I didn’t have to do it, since I had that privilege several times last week at our own house.

We went home, took a rest, then got the girls ready for the GCC kids Christmas program.  It was a long day, but felt great to give back a little bit as a family.

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