Spiritually Speaking…

How are you different today from 5 years ago?  How about since last November?  Have you changed some since then?  In the past 6 months would your spouse, close friends or family say you are treating them more lovingly?  What about this month…How are you different?  Have you made up your mind to make some changes this past week?

These are all questions a group of friends and I have been discussing the past few weeks.  It has been great discussion that has caused us to stop and reflect on not what we are DOING, but how we are CHANGING.

Am I more loving?

Do I give more of my money and time to others than I used to?

Do I easily get upset when things don’t go my way?

How do I handle disappointment?

How am I handling criticism compared to a year ago?

I am learning that these gauges as opposed to how many minutes of Bible reading and journaling I have done in a week are a better tool to judge the state of my heart than any other.

Spiritual Graph

I challenge you to make up a graph similar to the one I made  for our group.  I challenge you to fill out the changes you have seen in yourself, then ask a spouse, family member, or close friend to note changes they have seen in you.  Let me know how it goes!  It was an awesome exercise to go through with a group of close friends.

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