Spotlight on Friends #2

You may have heard me talking about my friend Mom Advice.  She has a real name too, and her name is Amy Clark.  She's an awesome friend, and I wanted to shine the spotlight on something she did in the month of February.  Actually, it's more about what she didn't do.  She didn't spend any money. Her and her hubby decided to put their family through a No Spend Challenge for an entire month.  What exactly does that mean?  It means you don't spend any money for an entire month.

Amy and her husband set aside their normal grocery and bill money at the beginning of the month.  They committed to not buy anything "extra" for an entire month.  With only a few unexpected expenses, they spent a whopping $55 over an entire month.  She even brought our family a meal when I wasn't feeling well one day, and did the same for several other families as well.

Could you do it?

I don't know if I could, but I'll tell you, it really got me thinking.  Every time I was at a store, I would ask myself, "Is this a want or a need?"  Usually I would answer myself, "A want silly.  Put it back."

Did you know that most of the world lives on less than  $1 a day?  That means food, clothes, education, health…all of that has to come out of that $1.  That's perspective.

I truly believe that consumerism is the god of our age.  Sounds deep and heady, but it just means that our desires for things have replaced our desire for God.

The No Spend Challenge caused me to do some soul-searching.  I am grateful to Amy and Ryan for proving that this is indeed possible. 

Could you do it?

7 thoughts on “Spotlight on Friends #2

  1. Mo says:

    That is awesome. She should be proud. We live on a pretty tight budget, tighter than we would need to since we’re trying to get cars paid off. We spend more that $55 bucks on random stuff though. I’m interested to know how much money they saved by spending nothing that whole month.
    It helps with the temptation of buying things you don’t need when you never leave your house : ) haha.

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for highlighting our No Spend Challenge! It means a lot to me and it definitely helped bring a lot of perspective to our finances. I so appreciate your friendship though, more than anything!!
    Mo- You can follow our savings and adventure through pictures from the start to finish on the blog. It will also tell you what we were able to do with the money we saved 🙂 Thanks so much for your interest!

  3. Dan Clark says:

    Interesting, although I am not sure if I could do it. I guess my first question would be – What is the purpose of “fasting” on spending? What are you trying to accomplish?

  4. Delina says:

    We’ve tried not spending for a week… usually by Day 5, we crash and burn… of course it’s ALWAYS for something legit, like baby cereal or diapers.

  5. Dan,
    Amy’s whole website is designed for those who want to save money and learn to “live frugal.” There were multiple reasons for her experiment, the biggest though would be to show what they could live without for a whole month.
    I think it’s an awesome idea, and I think everyone should give it a try, even if it’s for a weekend or just a few days. Our family is currently on a “no eating out” challenge to save money for our trip next week.
    Check out Amy’s blog to see what she did with the money she saved. It’s pretty awesome.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I find it amazing that you wrote this particular post. I was thinking yesterday that I should put myself on a week long no spending challenge. I haven’t worked up the courage to do it yet, but I am getting there. I will be checking out Amy’s blog and maybe I will be even more convinced that I should try it.

  7. I love Amy, and I love Michelle. I wish I could be more like both of them. Every day, something comes up and I say to myself “I wish I was more like Amy” or “I wish I was more like Michelle”.
    …but that is what friends do for you – they challenge you, they push your thinking to places that make you a better person.
    Amy’s ‘no spend challenge’ did that for me. Although I didn’t go a month, didn’t even go a week, we cut back – way back (more out of necessity than experiment), but we did it and lived through it.
    Since then, I have changed the way I shop for items at the grocery store. I have come to love Thrift Store (and Consignment shop) shopping, have stopped getting my nails done (no more manicures for me!), cut down on the $4 fru-fru drinks a few times a week, found a less expensive place for haircuts (that are just as good as the downtown over priced salon), and more importantly…I am looking at what we spend. I’m not quite an Aldi Queen yet, and can’t bring myslef to be organized enough to clip coupons…but I’m getting there.
    Thanks Amy!

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