Spring Sweetness



Belle got to have a friend over yesterday, and it was a beautiful day.  We had a fun time playing outside in the sunshine.  I was taking pictures with our real camera, not my cell phone, and Belle said, “Mom, can you please take a video of us and put it on the internet?”

  How times have changed.  Rob and I were laughing while we were watching Belle’s video, “The Backyard Show” last night because he has a total of maybe 5 pictures of himself from his entire childhood.  Our kids are going to have a well documented childhood indeed.

Enjoy The Backyard Show.


3 thoughts on “Spring Sweetness

  1. judy dillon says:


    I enjoyed your pictures and video of “The Backyard Show” featuring Belle and my granddaughter Madison. What great memories for those two. Thanks for sharing their fun time together:-)

    judy dillon

  2. Elle says:

    My favorite part was the soundtrack. 🙂

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