Standing Alone

 When you stand alone, it feels lonely at first. When you grow up and out and up and down with no one to hear your aches and groans, it feels desperate. After years of solitude, you can start to see how living the way you have in the harsh wind, soft rains, cloudy mornings and pinkish sunsets makes you know the earth and its creator. 

Standing alone and standing still has taught you a lot.

The morning breeze becomes your friend–the one to carry your voice to the edges of Heaven. The ancient ears of the grass let your words fall on it with grief, lifting them back to you with joy from its green beauty.

The stillness of the night wraps you up and tucks you in with the stars. The moon blankets you with light and you can see for miles in its glow.

Standing alone has taught you to see in the dark.  You don’t really feel afraid after awhile, knowing the morning is just on the edge of the horizon, just around the bend and through the patch of fog.

Standing alone, you see and know and feel what comfort is when it comes in the warm breeze, the star speckled nights and the orangey glow of the sunrise. You know your creator is the voice gently humming around it all, hands at work, holding you, guiding you, and watching you grow.

Standing alone, you learn you never really are.

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