Storm Clouds Gather

We got to play at the beach yesterday.  It rained all morning.  We waited and waited for a break in the weather.  When it came, we packed up and headed to the  beach.  You can view photos/videos on Rob’s blog.  (He’s hogging the computer with all the video/media on it, but that’s OK, because he does a pretty good job with all that’s stuff.)  When we got to the beach, it was almost sunny, but the clouds to the right of us were more than ominous.  I was thinking small hurricane.  The girls had about an hour before the clouds were for sure about to swallow us up.  A sudden burst of cold wind along with about 300 wind driven seagulls came our way.  We finally gave in and left, but sometimes I think experiences like that are almost better than all sun and warm and sand.  The water was an ethereal glowing greenish white against the black sky.  It really looked like something out of a fairy tale or something.  God is amazing.  We’re having such a good time just hanging out together.  The girls are averaging only about 3.5 fights a day compared to their usual 10.  Vacation is great.  Gotta love it.

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