Summer Reading

It’s summer! I have enjoyed reading so much this summer.  If you remember back to January, I challenged myself to read 100 books in 2011.  As of today, I have read 40 books, and nearly 12,000 pages! Here are the past 20 I’ve read.  Have you read any of these? What have you been reading lately?


10 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. cindy day says:

    I’m reading David Foster Wallace’s posthumously published book, The Pale King, and Ulysses, by James Joyce, which I am embarrassed to admit I’ve never read before. I think that adds up to about 12,000 words, just those two volumes alone. ; )

  2. Jessica says:

    Those are some great books! I’m going to have to add some of them to my reading list now. 🙂 From your list I’ve only read Northanger Abbey & Harriet Tubman – The Moses of Her People

  3. Jessica says:

    Lately I’ve been reading Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly and just started Love & Respect by Dr. E. Eggerichs

  4. Lisa says:

    I read Peace Like A River and am now reading The Alchemist. Didn’t get as much reading done this summer as I had hoped but with all four kids in school this fall, I have high hopes to get to more in my pile over this school year. (while eating bonbons of course!)

  5. Jo b says:

    Secret daughter, global achievement gap, start with why, who will tell the people (old book/re-read!)…

  6. Jessica Stemm says:

    I just finished A Different Kind As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. One of the best books I’ve ever read!! It’s a true story, that captivated me from the beginning. Also just finished The Me I Want to Be. Currently reading, Thriving as an Adoptive Family, Cure for the Common Life, and The Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free. I’m loving them all:) Any suggestions on a fiction book that challenges the heart?

    • Jessica Stemm says:

      Oops, meant Same Kind of Different As Me:)

    • Michelle Wegner says:

      Jessica, I know it sounds weird, but I learn best from fiction books. Especially if they are historical fiction. Lately, I have been really in to reading novels from the mid 1800’s-early 1900’s. I think they are sweet and true, and the writing is strong. I find so much of humanity that fascinates me in fiction books. I learn about others while I am learning about myself. A few of my favorite fiction books of all time are : C.S. Lewis “Till We Have Faces”. John Steinbecks “The Pearl” and Steven Lawhead’s Pendragon trilogy. 🙂

  7. skoutz says:

    My summer plan states that I’m going to try and finish 5 books this summer.

    Till We Have Faces – C. S. Lewis
    Radical – David Platt
    Crazy Love – Francis Chan
    Linchpin – Seth Godin
    God on Campus – Trent Sheppard

    So far I’ve finished only the first one, am half-way through the next two, purchased the 4th and still don’t own the last. Basically I’m failing at this part of the summer plan!

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