Surprise Party!

 Oliver Inn 024Our family was invited to Dan Blacketor’s 50th Birthday/surprise party.  Dan Works with Rob in the Life Mission Department at GCC.  The party was at the Oliver Inn, an old historic mansion in downtown South Bend.  You can imagine the girls were excited.  They planned out all week what they would wear, how they would do their hair, and I even let them wear a little make-up since it was such a fancy party!  Here are some photos from a really amazingly beautiful day. 

 Oliver Inn 013 Oliver Inn 017 Oliver Inn 018Oliver Inn 014 Oliver Inn 030   Oliver Inn 042Oliver Inn 055Oliver Inn 031Oliver Inn 046 who would have guessed the day would have ended with a tour of the Wiener-Mobile?  The drivers are staying at the Oliver Inn.  Rob and I have always talked about wanting to go in one.  Weird, I know.

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