Aslan’s Mane

Aslan and Lucy 

Lion of Judah

Behold the Lamb of God who takes away our sin.

The Lamb who was slain

And died

And was risen again a Lion.

He holds the power of the universe in his mane.

He shakes his mane and the mountains bow down

His eyes pierce me to my depths

Awakening a part of me I never knew could live

His softness.

His fierceness.

He could swallow me up, yet he chooses to let me rest my head on his furry mane.

To rest and know his strength.

Feeling his strength with my hands

His muscles rippling under my touch.

Knowing he is strong when I am very, very weak.

Knowing he sees me when I don’t and cannot see Him.

Knowing he is real when I can’t see.

Knowing I am Lucy.

Knowing I am the one who sees you when no one else is looking.

Knowing I want them to see you so so badly.

I want them to know your strength rippling under their fingers.

I want them to lay their face in your mane and know your stillness, your gentleness.

Your all together strength and sufficiency.

I want to see you when I don’t believe.

Your stillness and gentleness remind me that you are.

You are the Lamb of God.

You take our sin.

You were slain.

You were the lamb.

You are the lamb and the Lion.

You died.

You rose.

You live in my dreams and my visions of you high on the hill.

I will follow you Lion of Judah.

I will follow you to the ends of the earth.



According to the Book of Revelation 5:5, Jesus was the ‘sacrificial Lamb’ and the ‘Lion of Judah’. The prophecy of the coming of the Lord to ‘judge the world’ as the Lion of Judah is clear all through Revelation 5:1-5