New Book About Billy Graham


 I have known about and loved Billy Graham for most of my life.  I remember watching crusades on T.V. with my mom and Dad growing up.  I remember being amazed at the numbers of people that went forward to give their lives to Christ.  I also remember watching the crusades with my Grandma and her singing along with George Beverly Shea.  Most people know about Billy Graham, the preacher that fills stadiums with sinners and sends them home as saints.

Thomas-Nelson's new book about Billy's reveals the struggle Billy had with his own faith early on in his preaching career.  Billy's preaching partner and best friend, Charles Templeton renounced his faith in an all-knowing and all-powerful God largely due to the atrocities he witnessed during and after World War 2.  The evil's of Hitler and the Nazi's convinced Templeton and his already fragile faith that a loving God could never allow such evil to run rampant on the earth.  As Templeton grew in arrogance and intelligence through his studies at Princeton, Billy felt extreme doubt creep in for the first time in his life.

As the story unfolds and Billy struggled to own his faith in God, I found myself growing in my own confidence in a God who isn't afraid of our questions.  If Billy Graham had extreme doubts about his faith and came out on the other side a whole person, and wholly devoted to Christ, anyone could.  I really enjoyed this story.  It humanized Billy and Ruth Graham in a way that made me love them more and love Jesus more.

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